Joe Sargent/Getty Images The concern, however, is the silence and how long it can last. Brown surged in the fourth quarter too and eventually finished with 96 yards and that touchdown. But only seven of his yards came before halftime, which was the peak of a dull stretch for one of the league’s Enjoyed reading this marquee talents. He averaged 63.3 receiving yards over the Steelers’ previous three games heading in to Week 16, a pedestrian total for Brown’s high standards. Then there’s Roethlisberger, whose late-game superman act was necessary because of his wayward throws that landed in the hands of defenders. Roethlisberger showed poor vision and worse ball placement on both of his interceptions. Lately, the Steelers have been forced to overcome plenty of his mistakes while keeping their winning streak alive. Roethlisberger has thrown six interceptions over Pittsburgh’s last four games, which is nearly half of his season total (13). But all those concernsBrown’s inconsistent involvement, Roethlisberger’s misfires and an offense that sputters for a while before ignitingcan melt away because of one constant: Bell. Le’Veon Bell: “Merry Christmas to everybody.

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poor vision

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poor vision

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