– The holiday season is not just a hectic time for stores, but also many Kansas hospitals as doctors say they notice a spike in visits Thanking You to hospital emergency rooms in the days following Christmas. Doctors believe stress from the holiday, overeating and a delay in seeking medical care are to blame. an article on health and fitnessDecember and January are the two deadliest months for heart disease, according to the CDC, but there are several reason why the day after Christmas will be busy one in the ER.First, out-of-town families visiting the area play a big part in encouraging loved ones to see a doctor. Also, many doctors offices are closed, instead patients are visiting theemergency room. Daniel Baker is a doctor at a Kansas Hospital and typically sees about 75 patients perday, but on Monday he saw more than a 15 percent increase in visits. “People are just kind of holding off, they don’t want to go to the hospital during Christmas eve, Christmas,” Dr. Baker said. “Coming in and seeing mom and dad are not doing so well, and they just wanted to get them checked out here in the ER, and that’s one big theme we’re seeing today.” Many of their visits are people who had heart attacks, seasonal cold, and drivers involved in a car crash. “We do have an extra mid-level provider on staff today,” Dr. Baker said.

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