Fitzpatrick, not Hackenberg, to start in Jets ”We’re not going to gain or Thank You lose nothing by looking at Christian, or not, in this game.” Wide receiver Brandon Marshall agreed with cheers Bowles’ take on starting Fitzpatrick in the season finale despite some fans and media pushing for Hackenberg. ”Why?” click for infoMarshall said. ”Why does he have to play now? It’s the last game of the season. He’ll have a whole offseason to get better and work hard. Why would you want to do that to that kid … throw him out there right now?” When a reporter pointed out that Hackenberg has been with the organization for eight months and learning the offensive system, Marshall didn’t necessarily think that means he should be forced onto the field. ”Just because we’re having a bad season doesn’t mean you throw guys out there, just because, and say, ‘OK, you’re ready to play,”’ Marshall said. ”Let the kid sit there and continue to learn from Fitz, Ta sit in the room and approach the offseason with guns blazing and he’ll be fine. ”You don’t need to throw the kid out there right now.

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